Cosmetic Dentistry in Schererville, IN


Dental Implants

Teeth Implant — implants in Schererville, IN
Dental implants allow people to replace missing or extracted teeth. The implant consists of an artificial tooth and screw which, when placed into your jaw, hinges tightly. After a brief healing process in which the jawbone grows around the screw (osseointegration), the implant becomes securely held in place and acts as an indistinguishable substitute for a natural tooth. For more information about the procedure, click on the dental implants page or contact the NWI Center today.



Teeth Whitening — teeth whitening in Schererville, IN
Dental veneers are a thin covering for your teeth that can fix the appearance of discolorations and damaging, greatly enhancing your smile. Applying veneers to your teeth is a simple and risk-free procedure, which make them a highly effective tool in cosmetic dentistry. Before veneers are added, we will lightly buff your teeth to prepare for the added resin. Then a mold is sculpted which acts as the blueprints for the veneer. Once the veneers are constructed, they are then applied to the teeth individually. Our dentist will schedule a follow up appointment to ensure that your expectations are met and that any questions you may have are properly answered.


Dental Crowns

Tooth with crown - Dental Crowns in Schererville, IN
When teeth get fractured or severely damaged, sometimes a dental crown can be placed over them as a means of additional support and improve its appearance, alignment, or shape. Unlike dentures, crowns are permanent fixtures that are cemented onto your teeth or implants. Crowns come in a variety of different makes and looks, including porcelain, ceramic, gold, or other metal alloys. Depending on which tooth needs a covering and your dental history, certain crowns materials may be better than others. Speak to someone about whether a crown might be the solution for you.


Teeth Whitening

Women Smile Before and After - Dental Cleaning in Schererville, IN
Unfortunately, many of our favorite indulgences such as coffee, wine, or chocolate have the ability to stain our teeth. Even with meticulous care, our teeth will overtime lose much of their original shine. To get your teeth their whitest, we use a product called ZOOM. ZOOM is a safe and effective procedure that uses a special gel which is activated by low intensity light. The light activates the hydrogen peroxide in the gel which whitens your teeth. This combination has been shown to whiten teeth by 6-10 shades. Contact NWI Center to speak to a specialist about your teeth whitening options.


Tooth Bonding

Woman Smiling — cosmetic dentistry in Schererville, IN
Dental bonding is a great way to repair teeth with minor chips, fractures, or stains. Bonding is a quick and inexpensive procedure in which a white, composite material is applied to a tooth thereby fixing signs of damage. It can be considered a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to silver fillings. Additionally, the composite material forming dental bonds is a better insulator than the silver used in traditional fillings, and as a consequence your teeth will feel more comfortable. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable cosmetic solution to your damaged teeth, talk to a dentist about dental bonding.



Braces had been the only viable way to straighten teeth until the early 2000's with the emergence of Invisalign. In principle, Invisalign and braces serve the same function of gradually correct the shape of your mouth. However, in practice there are several clear advantages to Invisalign. Some of them include its nearly invisible appearance, the ability to remove the retainer, and the ease of its maintenance. However, there are cases where braces are still preferable such as when specific teeth need to be rotated or when there the patient has under bite issues. If you need teeth correction and want to learn more about your options, you can read more here or call us today.

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